September 22, 2023

Video #17 | December 28, 2017

This video is a collection of footage from a [Thai-organized] tour that I went on; Shenzhen-Hong Kong Trip [9-11 December, 2017]. Some of the highlights are:

– Luohu Commercial City [Shenzhen] – Mangrove Groove at OCTBAY [Shenzhen] – Shopping in Shenzhen City
– Street food in Shenzhen City
– Kwun Yam Temple [Hong Kong] – Che Kung Temple [Hong Kong] – Kau Kee Restaurant [Hong Kong]

Plus, I have included some footage where the tour company took us to a pretty slick Shenzhen-based operation which sells jade jewelry, traditional Chinese medicine and bedding i.e. pillows and bedsheets made using Tourmaline. I didn’t buy anything as the whole setup came across to me as a complete scam – many in the group did though, including my wife. If Tourmaline does half of what they claimed it does in the 30 minute presentation, I’d be very surprised! Also, I very much doubt that their ‘doctors’ who prescribe the traditional Chinese medicine products are real doctors. They seemed to have an awful lot of ‘doctors’ on staff!

Interestingly, in the place selling Tourmaline bedding they got very heated when I took the video, and there was lots of hand-waving! [Maybe this was as one of the group I was filming was using her credit card at the time?] It was fascinating to watch the operations in action, and you’ve got to hand it to the Chinese; they’ve got a good number of staff who can speak pretty fluent Thai in order to access [swindle] the Thai tourist market.

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