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Video #18 | January 11, 2018

In this video I’m going to look at the highly charged subject of; the best Italian in Bangkok!

The video is broken down into the sections below:

– My favorite Italian restaurants in Bangkok.
– Why I think Pala Pizza Romana is the best Italian restaurant in Bangkok.
– What Pala Pizza Romana looks like from the outside, and inside.
– Some footage from my last visit to Pala Pizza Romana.
– What is ‘Pizza alla pala’?
– Some of the dishes that I recommend at Pala Pizza Romana.
– Why you need to check out the deli counter at Pala Pizza Romana!

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Alrighty then! Welcome to the eighteenth video of Bangkok Unmasked! The YouTube channel that helps you get the most out of your visit to Bangkok city! If you’re new here, please consider subscribing! In this video I’m going to look at the highly charged subject of; the best Italian in Bangkok.

Let’s get started!

Deciding on which is the best Italian in Bangkok is a virtually impossible task as there are so many options, and at very different price points. For what it’s worth, my personal favorites are:

Pala Pizza Romana has [recently] rocketed to the very top of my list; it’s an authentic Italian in Bangkok, and at an extremely reasonable price point for what you get.

This is what Pala Pizza Romana looks like from the outside. Notice that if you’re on the run, you can even order takeaway from their outdoor counter! This is a great idea for office workers, and people on the go.

So you can get a feel for Pala Pizza Romana, check out this video that I shot inside.

Along with the pizza you’ll find a full menu offering Roman and Italian specialties; pasta, soup, fish, salads, and desserts. This is their current menu.

The owners of Pala Pizza Romana are Massimo Ducci and Lucio Sbriziolo. What they’re doing is clearly working, as they’ve opened a second branch in Silom on the 1st floor of CP Tower.

Regarding the pizza, it’s worth highlighting that Pala Pizza Romana’s pizzas are made in large rectangular trays [also known as pizza al taglio] and sold by the slice, half-meter or meter-long slab. This type of pizza originated in Rome, and it’s basically a log flatbread served on a wooden ‘pala’, or paddle. [Hence the restaurant’s name]. Pizza alla pala is made with a naturally-rising dough which pizza makers stretch lengthwise and top with ingredients. The dough is baked in an electric oven for about 10 minutes.

The major difference from the classic Neapolitan pizza is that the dough here is left to rise much longer, so that it achieves a bread-like quality. The bottom forms this very thin, super crispy crust with beautiful char marks, while the half-inch above is this aerated, slightly sour miracle. The quality of the toppings, from artichokes in the capricciosa to sharp cheeses in the cinque formaggi, does the rest. It’s simply divine!

From my last visit I would strongly recommend the following [please forgive the butchered Italian pronunciation]:

  • Farrotto All’ Abruzzese [Spelt Risotto, Cured Pork Cheek, Pecorino, Basil] Note: They nailed this, and the rice was served al dente, not the horrible mush that I’ve been served in other Italian restaurants in Bangkok.
  • Polpette al Sugo [Braised Meat Balls in Tomato sauce with Pecorino cheese]
  • Brie & Speck Pizza [Brie Cheese, Speck Ham, Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella]
  • Creme Brulee
  • Tiramisu

Another note: The Tiramisu is sublime, and made exactly like you’d get in Italy; lashings of mascarpone cheese and a good hit of amaretto. [From the liquor-soaked biscuits]. While Tiramisu is not hard to make, getting a decent Tiramisu – even in the top tier Italian restaurants in Bangkok – is not at all easy!

Here’s a tip; Pala Pizza Romana is also a well-stocked deli that sells cold cuts, cheese and artisan chocolate imported from Italy. It’s well worth going to the bistro, getting a slice, and stocking up on essential groceries at the same time. Killing two birds with one stone!

While Pala Pizza Romana isn’t the most comfortable of restaurants, they put a lot of genuine Italian restaurants in Bangkok to shame regarding the quality and execution of food, and for a fraction of the price. If you’re a fan of Italian food, you must check it out, if you haven’t already.

Anyway…That’s it for this video. I hope that it will help you with your quest for pizza pasta in Bangkok! Expect a new video shortly. [It should be posted in about a week, or so].

For all you techies out there, this video was shot on a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, and edited using HitFilm Express.

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Thank you very much for watching. I’ll see you next week. Goodbye.


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