September 29, 2023

If you have lived in Thailand for a while you will have noticed the Thai like white skin. Most Thai women, and quite a few Thai men, will go to great lengths to achieve whiter skin. The Thai spend a lot of money on creams, and sometimes medical procedures, to try and attain a pale skin color. The skin whitening market is a billion dollar industry in Thailand.

A bottom whitening cream promotion goes wrong…

Bangkok Unmasked recently came across a story on the recently arrested Nonthaburi resident, Nitthakarn Nunthasuteepat. Her crime? Selling bottom whitening cream through a provocative video.

The 25 year old social media marketer sparked outrage in Thailand after she posted a video that displayed her naked bottom. The purpose was to show the results of a skin-whitening cream that she is selling. According to reports Nitthakarn also sells vaginal tightening ‘soaps’ and face whitening masks.

Police arrested Nitthakarn and charged her under consumer protection laws for ‘mislabeling’ the product. She now faces up to a year in prison and/or a fine of 100,000 baht.

Thailand’s Bangkok Post reports that Police Colonel Chanannat Santhawanpat said that police initially charged her with ‘mislabeling’. Santhawanpat is the chief of the 4th consumer protection sub-division. This mislabeling charge is because the product’s container had insufficient details and could be misleading.

Unfortunately for Nitthakarn the Thai Food and Drug Administration [FDA] will also be asked to check if the cream contains any hazardous substances. To make matters worse, the technology crime suppression police will also look into whether she should be charged with putting a pornographic picture into a computer system.

“I am just trying to take care of myself”

Nitthakarn has sold beauty products through social media for about a year. She has denied that she intended to be provocative, or that her products were non-compliant with FDA regulations. The single mother claimed the video was simply demonstrating the successful results that she had when using the cream.

…I have a child to support and no husband. I’m just trying to take care of myself and my daughter. [I] hope people can understand and accept my apology.

This story has Bangkok Unmasked bemused. We note that the story closely follows another bizarre viral news item on the current Thai penis whitening trend. The penis whitening procedure has recently been promoted through Facebook by Lelux Hospital who offer the treatment. [Note: The original Facebook post was taken down]. Lelux Hospital is a skin care clinic in Nonthaburi who introduced a vagina whitening service four months ago. According to the marketing manager, Popol Tansakul, patients started to ask about penis whitening. Because of this the Lelux Hospital started offering the penis whitening treatment.

Here’s the video…

Below is the video from Nitthakarn Nunthasuteepat that has caused all the fuss.

We will take a pass on bottom whitening cream, and the Lelux Hospital penis whitening procedure…

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