September 22, 2023

Wednesday was an odd day for Khaosan Road. This is despite the fact that Khaosan Road has more odd days than many of Bangkok’s streets.

Sex toys on set…

A Bollywood movie production crew had the bright idea of turning a section of Khaosan Road into a mini red-light district. They did this through signage promoting ‘Sex Toys’, the display of blow up dolls modelling lingerie and [Thai] ladies in provocative outfits. While the signage promoting ‘Sex Toys’ didn’t use Thai writing, the location of the movie is unmistakable. The movie being shot was “Happy Bhag Jayegi Returns”. This is a sequel to the popular Bollywood rom-com “Happy Bhag Jayegi“.

A furious Bangkokian

A number of locals were unimpressed with how the movie was portraying one of the World’s most famous backpacker destinations. A clip of one man’s reaction went viral through Facebook and YouTube.

It didn’t take long for someone to call the police. According to the Bangkok Post, the police charged the crew and the film producer with causing public embarrassment and untidiness, blocking a road, and showing pornographic materials. They are liable to a jail term of up to three years and/or a fine of up to THB 60,000.

Bollywood movie set shut down on Khaosan Road for sex toys scene film shoot

According to reports, The Metropolitan Police Division 1 claimed that representatives of the production crew went to the Chanasongkram police station on Wednesday morning to seek permission for the shooting of the Indian movie. The relevant parties at Chanasongkram police station apparently gave permission as they understood that the filmmaking would promote Thailand in a positive light. The project had already received a green light from the Department of Cultural Promotion. The production crew had scheduled two days of filming on Khaosan Road.

Bollywood movie set shut down on Khaosan Road for sex toys scene film shoot

As soon as police arrived on the scene, the production was immediately shut down. According to Matichon, Pattaya-based production company Indo Bangkok Film Co. Ltd. was identified as the Thai agency responsible for the filming.

Bangkok Unmasked suspects that there will be more careful vetting of movie sets in Thailand moving forward.

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