September 22, 2023

Overhead cables and power lines in Bangkok have been a major sore point for the city over the past couple of years.

Late last year Bangkok Unmasked was furious when internet was cut in our area for over one week. As most Bangkok residents are aware, The MEA [Metropolitan Electricity Authority] have been burying overhead power lines and cables since 2011.

Transitioning from aboveground to underground cabling has been an extremely slow and costly process for the city. The process of burying cables leads to internet and other services being cut for days [or even weeks] for the people connected to them. Thankfully, we did not experience power cuts like many in Bangkok have.

Many news sources have incorrectly claimed that Bill Gates shamed Bangkok into burying its overhead cabling and power lines. However, this is not accurate. The project was in motion at least 5 years before Gates posted pictures of Bangkok’s tangled overhead wires on his Facebook page. [And caused a viral stir among netizens worldwide].

Cables and power lines in Bangkok

Unsightly cabling and power lines in Bangkok has been an ongoing subject of debate for the metropolitan government.

Over the years, the concrete poles have collapsed under the weight of the cables supported. Also, those that get knocked over during traffic accidents end up wiping out the power and utilities for blocks of buildings connected to them.

A shower of sparks and a narrow escape!

Bangkok Unmasked recently came across another unmentioned benefit of transitioning from aboveground to underground cabling. Pedestrian safety!

Late last year, Mana Reangsungnoen cheated death when overhead electricity cables exploded in a huge ball of fire right next to him. A video of the incident [from Mana’s car’s dash-cam] shows him jumping for his life as the high voltage cable comes within inches of striking him. The incident occurred in Prachinburi.

So how did this happen?

Apparently an electricity box on a nearby post suddenly exploded which caused the cables to drop to the ground in a terrifying shower of sparks.

Miraculously, Mana was unhurt in the accident.

Check out the video below.



Posted by Clipโหด18+ on Monday, January 29, 2018

When Bangkok residents watch this clip, we suspect that they won’t miss overhead cabling. As a matter of fact they should welcome their neighborhood’s overhead cabling being torn down and buried. [If it hasn’t been already].

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