September 22, 2023

This is not a Bangkok-centric news story, but it’s of interest. When is a ‘drunken European’s Soi Buakhao rampage’ news story not?

A video emerges…

A video has recently emerged that gives some context to a news report that raised the eyebrows of many expats in Thailand back in November 2016. The story centered on a drunken foreigner who was pictured covered in blood. He attacked people, and damaged property in Soi Buakhao, Pattaya. From the pictures that accompanied the story, the unnamed man was clearly in a manic state.

Drunken European's Soi Buakhao rampage

According to news reports, when approached by police the man ran into the parking area of the Findig building and locked the gate. Officers asked him to come out, but he instead decided to throw around objects in the parking area. The foreigner later ran into a nearby beer bar where he was eventually subdued and arrested.

Witnesses said he had been seen in the area the previous day, drinking heavily.

Here’s the video of the drunken European’s Soi Buakhao rampage.

ฝรั่งเมาคลั่งอาละวาด ไล่ทำร้ายชาวบ้านพังทรัพย์สินเละ เพราะผิดหวังจากสาวไทย!

ฝรั่งเมาคลั่งอาละวาด ไล่ทำร้ายชาวบ้านพังทรัพย์สินเละ เพราะผิดหวังจากสาวไทย!

Posted by Clipโหด18+ on Tuesday, January 30, 2018

According to the Facebook post a Thai girl was the cause of the rampage. Bangkok Unmasked is not surprised. Whether the girl was related to Sugar Sugar Agogo we don’t know. Our best guess is that she stole his heart and his money, fled, and the drunken rampage followed shortly thereafter.

What does somewhat surprise us is that many of the Facebook comments [from Thai users] are somewhat sympathetic. There a good number of comments that say ‘น่าสงสารเขา’. This basically means ‘I feel sorry for him’. This sort of behavior in the UK or US would likely not end well once the police got involved.

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