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Video #47 | August 2, 2018

In this video I’m going to discuss a very important service. Bangkok home delivery of beer, wine and spirits!

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Welcome to the forty-seventh video of Bangkok Unmasked! The YouTube channel that helps you get the most out of your visit to Bangkok city! If you’re new here, please consider subscribing! In this video I’m going to discuss a very important service. Bangkok home delivery of beer, wine and spirits!

Let’s get started!

Bangkok home delivery of beer, wine and spirits

I love going out in Bangkok, and checking out all the different bars in the city. No matter what you want, there’s a bar that’ll meet your tastes. If you want champagne, head to CRU Champagne Bar. If you want whisky, head to Whisgars. If you want wine, head to Wine Connection. If you want cocktails, head to Rabbit Hole. And finally if you want beer, it’s hard to beat one of the many House of Beers [better known as HOBs] branches around the city.

With this said, sometimes there’s nothing better than knocking back a few drinks in the comfort of your own home, hotel or serviced apartment. However, if you haven’t stocked up you’ll need to go out to find what you need. No longer!

These days there are quite a few options for Bangkok home delivery of beer, wine and spirits. That said, I think you’ll be pretty much good with the following 3 options.

Bangkok Home Delivery Option #1. Villa Market

Villa Market is where I buy most of my alcoholic drinks from. The URL is Ultimately, I really think that Villa Market is the best online option for home delivery.

Product categories include:

  • Beer & Cider
  • Champagne & Sparkling Wine
  • Spirits & Liqueurs
  • and Wine

Depending on the time of day, you can get same day delivery. Perfect!

Bangkok Home Delivery Option #2. Wine Connection

If you’re pining for a decent bottle of wine, Wine Connection is a solid choice for Bangkok home delivery. Their URL is Most importantly, Wine Connection can get your order to you within 2 hours if you order between 10 AM and 8 PM.

Product categories include:

  • New Arrival
  • Best Sellers
  • Sommelier’s Selection
  • Red Wines
  • White Wines
  • Sweet Wines
  • Rose
  • Champagne & Sparkling
  • and Accessories

Bangkok Home Delivery Option #3. Wishbeer

Frankly, I find Wishbeer a little pricy. That said, they do have a solid selection of drinks. Note. They claim to be the largest online store for beers, ciders, wines, whiskies and spirits in Thailand. Their URL is

In central Bangkok Wishbeer can do same day delivery for beer and cider. However, wine can take 1-4 days and whisky and spirits 2-4 days. Ultimately, I’d use Villa Market or Wine Connection for most purchases, and only consider Wishbeer for specific beer purchases. Note. Wishbeer’s delivery time is 11AM – 2PM and 5PM – Midnight.

Anyway, that’s it for this video. Expect a new video next week.

For all you techies out there, this video was shot on a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, and edited using HitFilm Express.

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Finally, please don’t forget to subscribe to this channel through the button below! Also, I’d like to hear from you if you have any questions or comments on Bangkok home delivery of beer, wine and spirits. Or suggestions on services other than those that I have mentioned in this video. Please do reach out to me through the comments section of this video!

Thank you very much for watching. I’ll see you next week. Goodbye.


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