May 20, 2018

The ultimate Bangkok tour: We offer bespoke tours with experienced tour guides and luxury private transport

Why Bangkok? And why a Bangkok tour with us?

Bangkok, also known as the ‘City of Angels’ and ‘Venice of the East’ is an assault on the senses. Hot, polluted, and chaotic, it thrills with energy, and the sightseeing, shopping, and eating possibilities are so huge that you’ll have little time to stop and rest.

The city is a mesmerizing blend of old and new, East and West, and uncountable contradictions. Temples and red-light districts, languid canals and permanent gridlock, street-side vendors and chic upscale eateries, all exist side by side. Bangkok rarely fails to make an impression, and yes, you’ll probably need to spend a few days on the beach to recover from it all.

If you want to discover the vibrant city of Bangkok we can arrange everything for you. All tours will be at your own pace, and include an experienced tour guide and luxury private transport.

Through any Bangkok tour that we offer, you can customize your own program. We will custom design an itinerary unique to your needs.

Bangkok Tour - Bangkok River Photo

How will your Bangkok tour unfold?

Whether you have never visited Bangkok before, or you feel that you know the city like the back of your hand, we will craft your private tour based on your needs. Our Bangkok tours are ideal for:

  • Families looking to share a special memory.
  • Couples and friends enjoying a getaway.
  • Colleagues determined to enjoy more than the airport, hotel and meeting room.

Your personalized itinerary will be as broad or specific, abbreviated or lingering, adventure-seeking or fact-checking as you require.

Our 3 tour options

Option #1. Introduction.

For guests seeking an introduction to Bangkok. In short this is the tour for guests new to Bangkok, or who haven’t been back in years. Select this option for a general introduction to the local history, culture and lifestyle. Many clients choose this option before they explore the city of Bangkok on their own!

Consists of. Exploration of key landmarks, attractions and personalized areas of interest. Typically 1-3 locations.

Typical Duration: 6 hours

Option #2. Enrichment.

For guests who want to delve deeper into the city of Bangkok. In short this is tour for guests who are interested in investing time to gain a better understanding of the city. Tours can introduce you to diverse neighborhoods, or very specific local areas of interest. You can get an insider’s perspective on the arts, gastronomy, and history. In general this type of Bangkok tour includes a half day exploring the city. You’ll then get a taste of authentic cuisine. Finally, in the second half of the day you’ll enjoy a private excursion or attraction. Tours may include introductions to local subject matter experts, or we’ll arrange special celebratory events.

Consists of. Exploration of key landmarks, attractions and personalized areas of interest. Typically 2+ locations, meal(s) and so much more.

Typical Duration: 10 hours

Option #3. Immersion.

For guests who want to comprehensively explore the city of Bangkok. In short this is the tour for guests who wish to take their time to thoroughly explore Bangkok. These full, and multi-day excursions can be as creative, adventuresome, and exploratory as you envision. Clients who pick this option include multi-generational families, bucket-listers or corporate groups.

Consists of. Exploration of key landmarks, attractions and personalized areas of interest. Intensive engagement, meal(s) and thorough city overview.

Typical Duration: Multi-day

Bangkok Tour - Thai Dish Curried Crab

The process

Step 1.

It all begins with a conversation. Tell us when you’re coming, who your travel companions are, and what brings you to Bangkok. Share your hopes for the experience, the times you have available, and your budget expectations. Through further conversations we’ll delve deeper into what makes you tick so we can manage your expectations and customize your itinerary.

Step 2.

Starting rates are competitively priced and include a custom itinerary, and an experienced tour guide. You’ll have a chauffeur in luxury transportation at your disposal. All incidentals are quoted separately, and gratuities are at your discretion. Larger groups require a larger vehicle(s), thus an increase in rate. Corporate incentive and multi-day excursions rates are quoted on an individual basis. Premiums for national holidays, peak seasonal events or late nights may apply at our discretion.

Step 3.

We’ll ask for a $100 non-refundable deposit so we can get started hand-crafting your unique itinerary.

Step 4.

You’ll be presented with a detailed overview and budget that is then massaged until you’re fully satisfied with the timing of your day. To ensure that your plan is unique, and can’t be duplicated by anyone else, some of the individual elements will remain a surprise until you arrive.

Your budget will include a flat rate for our time and transportation, as well as an estimate of the anticipated extra costs for meals, entrance fees, etc. so you know what to expect.

Step 5.

You will be picked up in a luxury vehicle suitable to the size of your group where we will accompany you throughout your experience. We’ll act as your personal guide to the city. Remember that every itinerary we design is fully customized and unique to your needs. You have the flexibility to start and end when and where you desire. Everything that you want to see will be at your own pace. Guests can ask as many, or as few questions as they like during the experience!

Bangkok Tour - Bangkok Boat Tour

Our luxury bespoke Bangkok tours start at: $250

To begin your custom Bangkok tour design process, please complete the form below.